MINDSET – Part 4 – ‘Changing Our Thoughts’

Very recently, I felt like I was losing my energy – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
I found it quite hard and solitary to start a Fitness Business from scratch, and found that bit by bit, I was actually talking myself out of continuing with it; seeking support from invisible places.
Fortunately, this only lasted for a few weeks!
I suddenly decided to go on a Detox. I often Detox; and this resets me, roots me, it gets me back to where I feel I need to be. However, I had to stop and restart – I’m now on my third try, and it’s Day 3 – as I found myself losing precious energy again. I watched Earl Nightingale and decided to use his amazing method – to be super-strict with myself; by doing this for 30 days, and any time my mind would negatively wander, I would return to the beginning.
My thought pattern has begun to change again – for the better. It does take discipline, effort, motivation and time; yet in a split-moment, with a positive way of thinking; I feel the life-changing difference; which for me, is a rewarding, lifelong journey.
I also started watching many of the Speakers that I wrote about in Part 1 of this Series; and found one who I only discovered a couple of days after she passed. Louise Hay – an incredible inspiration, and one of her quotes will remain with me:
‘We have to change these thoughts and we must do them deliberately, because we’re the people that are in charge. We get the opportunity in choosing what we think’.
People like Louise Hay, Jim Rohn, Marisa Peer, Les Brown – they’re the support I love to return to, time and time again; yet my main support is myself; working from my heart; where I can continue to give back; continue to build my energy; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. x



MINDSET – Part 2 – ‘Transition’

Just thinking about achieving an uplifting/fresh Mindset as being part of a transition process.
Just like getting into a Yoga pose. Or seeing positive changes in your body after training/detoxing. Or letting go of things. & making space for fresh, new things.
It can take time, patience & reflection.
When does it click that change is essential to make the best of life? Suddenly, when you’re barefoot, close to Nature & the sun is shining? Or sitting at your work-desk & contemplating your purpose, day after day?
It seems like having a healthy Mindset is part of an exciting, lifelong journey. Just like a balanced lifestyle.
There is no quick-fix…& I think that’s the best part. x

MINDSET – Part 1 – ‘Speakers’

Mindset:  ‘an attitude, disposition or mood’.
Well, for years I thought I had the right Mindset – however, looking back, for years I was (on and off) veering on the wrong track; feeling lost – to a certain degree.
In March 2016, I decided to prepare to start my own Fitness Business; then in May 2016, something extraordinary happened to me.
I was sent a 14 minute four-part YouTube video containing speeches from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and Earl Nightingale. It was then, that I got home, and immediately knew that I was going to work for myself – on my terms – to have more time, more freedom, doing something I was passionate about.
December 2016: I left my full-time job, and my Mindset shifted to the next stage in my life, as I not only began to work FOR myself, but ON myself – daily; consciously making the effort to listen and absorb the words of the four legends above, as well as Marisa Peer, Bob Proctor and Carrie Green – to name but a few.
It was then, that incredible things began to unveil…
[Part 2 to follow]