Podcast – with The Bitch Pad – on ‘Tenacity’

On Weds 21st Oct 2020 I featured as a podcast guest with Marie Skilling – IT Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Wellbeing Coach & Author from The Bitch Pad & what an amazing session we had, 38 minutes whizzed by! The theme was ‘Tenacity’ – to ‘persist in existence’, juggle life, wellbeing & work in a balancedContinue reading “Podcast – with The Bitch Pad – on ‘Tenacity’”


Know your Limits and your boundaries when your life’s in crazy-mode, You’re running up that hill, when you could be strolling along that road. The human body is extremely smart, it will give you a warning sign, So realise that prevention is better than cure, as you stop to re-align.