Rooted – by Nature

So empowering and full of life.
I always feel calmer and more respectful of Nature, these days.
Maybe these feelings hadn’t quite been absorbed in the past; yet now – I always turn to the N-Power to clear my mind.
It works – instantly!
Even if I feel small and in awe of it’s power, it always comforts me makes me feel at home, no matter how big the trees are, or how grand the sea.
I hope I continue to stay Rooted by Nature.
How does Nature make you feel? x







Turning my Back on Booze

I just remembered I’m nearly 5 years booze-free.
This definitely isn’t a preach-session by the way!
I know I used to exercise after a wild night out; yet it started to interfere with my training, making me sluggish and was also making me unhappy/acting as a depressant.
So I amicably turned my back on booze in July 2012, and I’ve actually never looked back.
One of my better decisions!
Whether you’re on the cocktails/mocktails, I hope you have a wicked weekend. x

Life on a (balanced) detox

My Article Life on a (balanced) detox featured on the beautifully talented Lauzie’s site – MUA, Model & Writer – Lauzie’s Lifestyle.
‘I was always the smallest person in the class at school with my petite frame. Mum even told me that the Doctor confirmed my metabolism as a child was high, and although food didn’t seem to be my main priority, I would “eat like a horse” once I hit the age of twenty. He was right! Yet, as time went by, like anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing, I had to work hard on maintaining my weight, and treating my body and mind with respect.
At 22 years old, I joined the gym; although I partied (hard) for many years, I never looked back and always managed to exercise, even after a heavy night out. Sixteen years on, I’ve moved into the holistic direction; quit alcohol, coffee, partying (too hard); my 9-5 PA job (recently) and have never felt fitter.
In 2011 I qualified as a Yoga Instructor, which encouraged me further to check-in with myself daily, and stick to my healthy routine. Towards the end of 2015 I suddenly found out I had a slipped-disc, so had to take time off work, and stopped teaching Yoga for a while. I know that millions of people have slipped discs, yet I was disheartened to think that I may not be able to continue my passion for Yoga, or start any other fitness courses. Fortunately, I felt much better after a couple of months, and spent a lot of time thinking about looking after myself to the next level.
Many people think of the word ‘detox’ and are either petrified or put-off by it; as they think they’re going to be unhappy and deprived of life for a certain amount of time. Things can be so different. Here is my idea of a detox:
Avoid adding sugar, read the back of food packets, try to use Xylitol or Raw Honey instead.
Always have a hearty breakfast – boiled eggs are a winner, and breakfast really is the most important meal of the day to keep full of energy.
Readily have healthy snacks- nuts, fruit bars, dates, so you are less tempted to go for junk-food.
Listen to your body. If I feel I need to rest and heal I will do just that; as well as avoiding looking at/competing with anyone else in exercise classes or at the gym; as I know my limits and what works for me.
Do exercises that you enjoy. Everyday if I can, and always keep it varied. From going for walks in the park, to gym sessions, to Yoga or Pilates at home.
Remember that it releases endorphins which help boost a positive, uplifted, optimistic mind, which in turn syncs with and strengthens the body.
I’ll always try to avoid punishing myself for swerving off-track, and love to keep tabs on my progress. Being as healthy as possible is my lifestyle, and I do my best to enjoy it as much as I can.
My favourite – Conscious Chocolate. Refined sugar-free, raw cacao, goji berries and coconut. It doesn’t last long, yet just melts in the mouth’. x