Rooted – by Nature

Nature. So empowering and full of life. I always feel calmer and more respectful of Nature, these days. Maybe these feelings hadn’t quite been absorbed in the past; yet now – I always turn to the N-Power to clear my mind. It works – instantly! Even if I feel small and in awe of it’sContinue reading “Rooted – by Nature”

Turning my Back on Booze

I just remembered I’m nearly 5 years booze-free. This definitely isn’t a preach-session by the way! I know I used to exercise after a wild night out; yet it started to interfere with my training, making me sluggish and was also making me unhappy/acting as a depressant. So I amicably turned my back on booze in JulyContinue reading “Turning my Back on Booze”

Life on a (balanced) detox

My Article Life on a (balanced) detox featured on the beautifully talented Lauzie’s site – MUA, Model & Writer – Lauzie’s Lifestyle. ‘I was always the smallest person in the class at school with my petite frame. Mum even told me that the Doctor confirmed my metabolism as a child was high, and although food didn’t seem to beContinue reading “Life on a (balanced) detox”