5 Morning Tips to Stay Aligned

First thing in the morning, I always have ‘quiet-time’ – it’s just part of my daily self-care, and works a treat! – sign-up to the inspiring The Style Of Laura Jane – Newsletter – where my 5 Tips are featured. I feel relaxed, focused, organised, able to juggle and plan, whilst staying aligned and feeling thatContinue reading “5 Morning Tips to Stay Aligned”

The Most Fascinating Detox (So Far)

Now, I’ve done many a Detox. Many. An amazing way to clear the Body, Mind & Emotions. I’ve probably mentioned this one before; I just find this the most fascinating Detox so far! ***Earl Nightingale Detox*** – Write on a card what you want more than anything else. Single goal, clearly defined – Think ofContinue reading “The Most Fascinating Detox (So Far)”

The ‘Me’ Brand

I was given some marketing advice just recently about making a choice. ‘You need to figure out which Neeta you are – Bohemian or Edgy.’ I know exactly what they meant by this, and was grateful for the advice – the idea of maintaining a consistent theme, and branding my personality in relation to my business.Continue reading “The ‘Me’ Brand”

Breath of Fresh Air – Life’s a Beach

Now, I’m all for chilling in the sun. With the help of a comfy sun lounger, salivating menu, smoothie, sun factor, shade (when I need it), and scorching tunes. Got to have my music. Yet, there’s just something about exercising on a beach. Nothing like it! Maybe it’s the beautiful heat; the calming energy of theContinue reading “Breath of Fresh Air – Life’s a Beach”

‘Loving Your Work’

How do you explain the feeling of loving what you do? The Jumping-Out-of-Bed action, everyday, and having a true purpose. The hours of solid, enjoyable graft, whizzing by in a flash. The constant questioning (to yourself) if this is actual ‘work’. The realisation, that in some small way, you’re giving back, somehow. I remember knowing, that 6 monthsContinue reading “‘Loving Your Work’”

Fear – Part 1 – ‘Headstands & Handstands…& Burpees’

I’m only joking about the Burpees. Yet there was a time when any mention of the ‘B’ word would make me wince. Ever since a Yoga Instructor (rightly) told me and the rest of the Yoga class that ‘doing Headstands and Handstands could damage/break your neck’, I’ve always been a bit cautious of them. That isContinue reading “Fear – Part 1 – ‘Headstands & Handstands…& Burpees’”

MINDSET – Part 3 – ‘That Moment You See the Light’

That Moment You See the Light, and your Mindset changes. That Moment of knowing that you are good enough – and always were. That Moment of knowing that the past is the past, that everyone is beautifully imperfect; that this is life. That Moment of amicably filtering, who and what is suited to you; adoptingContinue reading “MINDSET – Part 3 – ‘That Moment You See the Light’”