Health in the Home: Online Fitness as the Way Forward?

In March 2020 upon Covid’s grand entrance, I had to reluctantly cancel my gym membership. I’d been an avid gym member for over over 20 years at the time, it was always somewhere I loved visiting, my second home, somewhere to unwind, to tone, to refresh, to release. Working in Central London meant that asContinue reading “Health in the Home: Online Fitness as the Way Forward?”


Know your Limits and your boundaries when your life’s in crazy-mode, You’re running up that hill, when you could be strolling along that road. The human body is extremely smart, it will give you a warning sign, So realise that prevention is better than cure, as you stop to re-align.

Mind Your Business

I just want to post about running a Business. Small, Medium or Large. – Some days are a tad more challenging than others. – Some days I wonder why I can’t suddenly remember the names of my closest – as my head is full of 362 things to do. – Some days I have toContinue reading “Mind Your Business”