If 6 months ago you told me…

If 6 months ago you told me that in 6 months… …I would not be allowed to view this scenery (outside) – I’d think ‘calm it!’I would be in global quarantine – I’d think ‘calm it!’I would have little physical connection from those closest to me, I’d think ‘calm it!’I would love someone & thisContinue reading “If 6 months ago you told me…”

Rooted – by Nature

Nature. So empowering and full of life. I always feel calmer and more respectful of Nature, these days. Maybe these feelings hadn’t quite been absorbed in the past; yet now – I always turn to the N-Power to clear my mind. It works – instantly! Even if I feel small and in awe of it’sContinue reading “Rooted – by Nature”