Wellbeing as a Way of Life

I have simply made a pact with myself to avoid self-harm. Mental self-harm; which can result in unintentional physical and emotional self-harm.
Negative self-thoughts for me, often derive from past events, as well as thinking that in the present, I’m not enough, and additional futuristic visions of doom.
I believe it is about self-alignment, self-belief, self-connection as part of self-help.
My mind is a powerful entity, and works in collaboration with my body, all day, every day.
It is time for me to use my willpower ensure my self-belief is at it’s highest standard; to focus on self-care in order to serve, by checking-in with myself, using positive mantras, and doing what brings me joy.
How can I assure I’m going to follow this through?
I have simply made a pact with myself. x