Book Review – ‘Learning How to Leave’ by Michael Padraig Acton

I loved this book on Narcissistic & Toxic Relationships, with guidance on how to remove yourself from them, despite how challenging that may be. Written in a very personable way, with extracts from Michael’s own experiences, and his clients experiences, I actually found myself looking at my past and existing relationships with people! Patterns andContinue reading “Book Review – ‘Learning How to Leave’ by Michael Padraig Acton”

If 6 months ago you told me…

If 6 months ago you told me that in 6 months… …I would not be allowed to view this scenery (outside) – I’d think ‘calm it!’I would be in global quarantine – I’d think ‘calm it!’I would have little physical connection from those closest to me, I’d think ‘calm it!’I would love someone & thisContinue reading “If 6 months ago you told me…”

5 Morning Tips to Stay Aligned

First thing in the morning, I always have ‘quiet-time’ – it’s just part of my daily self-care, and works a treat! – sign-up to the inspiring The Style Of Laura Jane – Newsletter – where my 5 Tips are featured. I feel relaxed, focused, organised, able to juggle and plan, whilst staying aligned and feeling thatContinue reading “5 Morning Tips to Stay Aligned”

The Most Fascinating Detox (So Far)

Now, I’ve done many a Detox. Many. An amazing way to clear the Body, Mind & Emotions. I’ve probably mentioned this one before; I just find this the most fascinating Detox so far! ***Earl Nightingale Detox*** – Write on a card what you want more than anything else. Single goal, clearly defined – Think ofContinue reading “The Most Fascinating Detox (So Far)”

Turning my Back on Booze

I just remembered I’m nearly 5 years booze-free. This definitely isn’t a preach-session by the way! I know I used to exercise after a wild night out; yet it started to interfere with my training, making me sluggish and was also making me unhappy/acting as a depressant. So I amicably turned my back on booze in JulyContinue reading “Turning my Back on Booze”

Life on a (balanced) detox

My Article Life on a (balanced) detox featured on the beautifully talented Lauzie’s site – MUA, Model & Writer – Lauzie’s Lifestyle. ‘I was always the smallest person in the class at school with my petite frame. Mum even told me that the Doctor confirmed my metabolism as a child was high, and although food didn’t seem to beContinue reading “Life on a (balanced) detox”