Wellbeing as a Way of Life

I have simply made a pact with myself to avoid self-harm. Mental self-harm; which can result in unintentional physical and emotional self-harm.
Negative self-thoughts for me, often derive from past events, as well as thinking that in the present, I’m not enough, and additional futuristic visions of doom.
I believe it is about self-alignment, self-belief, self-connection as part of self-help.
My mind is a powerful entity, and works in collaboration with my body, all day, every day.
It is time for me to use my willpower ensure my self-belief is at it’s highest standard; to focus on self-care in order to serve, by checking-in with myself, using positive mantras, and doing what brings me joy.
How can I assure I’m going to follow this through?
I have simply made a pact with myself. x

5 Morning Tips to Stay Aligned

First thing in the morning, I always have ‘quiet-time’ – it’s just part of my daily self-care, and works a treat! – sign-up to the inspiring The Style Of Laura Jane – Newsletter – where my 5 Tips are featured.
I feel relaxed, focused, organised, able to juggle and plan, whilst staying aligned and feeling that I’m in control of my actions.
Here are my 5 Tips:
1) Get up and make my bed – fresh, and ready for the day ahead
2) Quickly go through my phone to sort anything ‘urgent’ – & check my finance status
3) Rinse my mouth & eyes – before drinking/eating – to remove any overnight toxins
4) Place a warm cotton pad compress on eyes – whilst I go through my daily mantra in my head – beginning with ‘3-2-1- I’m alive!’
5) Drink my hot lemon – to clear my system – whilst listening to motivational speakers such as Abraham Hicks, and planning exactly what I need to do for the day – I’ll listen to my body – if I want to exercise I will, if I feel I need to heal, I’ll do just that x

The Most Fascinating Detox (So Far)

Now, I’ve done many a Detox. Many.
An amazing way to clear the Body, Mind & Emotions.
I’ve probably mentioned this one before; I just find this the most fascinating Detox so far!
***Earl Nightingale Detox***
– Write on a card what you want more than anything else. Single goal, clearly defined
– Think of it each day with optimism. Remember – you must become what you think about, it’s the law
– Stop thinking about what it is you fear, replace it with a positive thought – control your thinking
– Do much more than you have to
– Give of yourself much more
– Don’t concern yourself with how you are going to achieve the goal, just where are you going. The answers will come to you
***& the best bit***:
– If you let a negative thought enter your mind and you do not replace it, you must start the 30 day test again!
We can achieve nothing, without first paying the price – so act as though it was impossible to fail
Write this on the back of your Detox Card:
‘Ask and it shall be given unto you
Seek and ye shall find
Knock and it shall be opened onto you
For everyone that asketh, receiveth
And he that seeketh, findeth
And to him that knocked, it shall be opened’
…Day 1 of 30 – will update you along the way – on (for me); the most fascinating Detox (so far) x

Turning my Back on Booze

I just remembered I’m nearly 5 years booze-free.
This definitely isn’t a preach-session by the way!
I know I used to exercise after a wild night out; yet it started to interfere with my training, making me sluggish and was also making me unhappy/acting as a depressant.
So I amicably turned my back on booze in July 2012, and I’ve actually never looked back.
One of my better decisions!
Whether you’re on the cocktails/mocktails, I hope you have a wicked weekend. x

Life on a (balanced) detox

My Article Life on a (balanced) detox featured on the beautifully talented Lauzie’s site – MUA, Model & Writer – Lauzie’s Lifestyle.
‘I was always the smallest person in the class at school with my petite frame. Mum even told me that the Doctor confirmed my metabolism as a child was high, and although food didn’t seem to be my main priority, I would “eat like a horse” once I hit the age of twenty. He was right! Yet, as time went by, like anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing, I had to work hard on maintaining my weight, and treating my body and mind with respect.
At 22 years old, I joined the gym; although I partied (hard) for many years, I never looked back and always managed to exercise, even after a heavy night out. Sixteen years on, I’ve moved into the holistic direction; quit alcohol, coffee, partying (too hard); my 9-5 PA job (recently) and have never felt fitter.
In 2011 I qualified as a Yoga Instructor, which encouraged me further to check-in with myself daily, and stick to my healthy routine. Towards the end of 2015 I suddenly found out I had a slipped-disc, so had to take time off work, and stopped teaching Yoga for a while. I know that millions of people have slipped discs, yet I was disheartened to think that I may not be able to continue my passion for Yoga, or start any other fitness courses. Fortunately, I felt much better after a couple of months, and spent a lot of time thinking about looking after myself to the next level.
Many people think of the word ‘detox’ and are either petrified or put-off by it; as they think they’re going to be unhappy and deprived of life for a certain amount of time. Things can be so different. Here is my idea of a detox:
Avoid adding sugar, read the back of food packets, try to use Xylitol or Raw Honey instead.
Always have a hearty breakfast – boiled eggs are a winner, and breakfast really is the most important meal of the day to keep full of energy.
Readily have healthy snacks- nuts, fruit bars, dates, so you are less tempted to go for junk-food.
Listen to your body. If I feel I need to rest and heal I will do just that; as well as avoiding looking at/competing with anyone else in exercise classes or at the gym; as I know my limits and what works for me.
Do exercises that you enjoy. Everyday if I can, and always keep it varied. From going for walks in the park, to gym sessions, to Yoga or Pilates at home.
Remember that it releases endorphins which help boost a positive, uplifted, optimistic mind, which in turn syncs with and strengthens the body.
I’ll always try to avoid punishing myself for swerving off-track, and love to keep tabs on my progress. Being as healthy as possible is my lifestyle, and I do my best to enjoy it as much as I can.
My favourite – Conscious Chocolate. Refined sugar-free, raw cacao, goji berries and coconut. It doesn’t last long, yet just melts in the mouth’. x