StreetYoga – Maggie Kruger Photography

A sunny lunchtime in October 2016, saw  Maggie Kruger Photography & I head to Central London to begin 3  hours of an exciting (and my very first) Yoga-Photography collaboration. The time whizzed-by, and the result was an elegant, fun, and vibrant collection of pictures, using Maggie’s creative imagination and flair. Check-out more stunning shots like theContinue reading “StreetYoga – Maggie Kruger Photography”

Flippin’ Good Pancakes!

So, I’m going to start this Blog writing about food. It’s one of my first few loves – other than Health & Fitness, of course. This recipe is so simple and delicious, is great for re-fuellng post-exercise/training, takes no time at all, – and feeds 4 people – or 2 people, if you’re very hungry!Continue reading “Flippin’ Good Pancakes!”

Resting: An Essential Part of Training – Part 1 – ‘Body is the Boss’

I do believe that resting is an essential part of any training routine. Whether it be Weight Lifting, Yoga, HIIT, Cardio, Pilates, Walking; it’s so important to allow your body and mind to recover (properly) from exercise during the week. In the past, I thought that resting was backtracking my progress, only to find that it amazingly contributesContinue reading “Resting: An Essential Part of Training – Part 1 – ‘Body is the Boss’”