Breath of Fresh Air – Life’s a Beach

Now, I’m all for chilling in the sun. With the help of a comfy sun lounger, salivating menu, smoothie, sun factor, shade (when I need it), and scorching tunes. Got to have my music. Yet, there’s just something about exercising on a beach. Nothing like it! Maybe it’s the beautiful heat; the calming energy of theContinue reading “Breath of Fresh Air – Life’s a Beach”

Resting: An Essential Part of Training – Part 2 – ‘When’s Savasana?’

2017. It’s been a physically, mentally and emotionally hectic, yet fantastic few months. – I left my full-time job in December 2016 – I qualified as a Personal Trainer in March 2017 – I qualified as a Pilates Instructor in May 2017 – My iPhone has become my office! Health, Fitness and Wellbeing are one of the main passions in myContinue reading “Resting: An Essential Part of Training – Part 2 – ‘When’s Savasana?’”

‘Loving Your Work’

How do you explain the feeling of loving what you do? The Jumping-Out-of-Bed action, everyday, and having a true purpose. The hours of solid, enjoyable graft, whizzing by in a flash. The constant questioning (to yourself) if this is actual ‘work’. The realisation, that in some small way, you’re giving back, somehow. I remember knowing, that 6 monthsContinue reading “‘Loving Your Work’”

Fear – Part 1 – ‘Headstands & Handstands…& Burpees’

I’m only joking about the Burpees. Yet there was a time when any mention of the ‘B’ word would make me wince. Ever since a Yoga Instructor (rightly) told me and the rest of the Yoga class that ‘doing Headstands and Handstands could damage/break your neck’, I’ve always been a bit cautious of them. That isContinue reading “Fear – Part 1 – ‘Headstands & Handstands…& Burpees’”

MINDSET – Part 3 – ‘That Moment You See the Light’

That Moment You See the Light, and your Mindset changes. That Moment of knowing that you are good enough – and always were. That Moment of knowing that the past is the past, that everyone is beautifully imperfect; that this is life. That Moment of amicably filtering, who and what is suited to you; adoptingContinue reading “MINDSET – Part 3 – ‘That Moment You See the Light’”

Turning my Back on Booze

I just remembered I’m nearly 5 years booze-free. This definitely isn’t a preach-session by the way! I know I used to exercise after a wild night out; yet it started to interfere with my training, making me sluggish and was also making me unhappy/acting as a depressant. So I amicably turned my back on booze in JulyContinue reading “Turning my Back on Booze”

Life on a (balanced) detox

My Article Life on a (balanced) detox featured on the beautifully talented Lauzie’s site – MUA, Model & Writer – Lauzie’s Lifestyle. ‘I was always the smallest person in the class at school with my petite frame. Mum even told me that the Doctor confirmed my metabolism as a child was high, and although food didn’t seem to beContinue reading “Life on a (balanced) detox”

MINDSET – Part 2 – ‘Transition’

Just thinking about achieving an uplifting/fresh Mindset as being part of a transition process. Step-by-Step. Just like getting into a Yoga pose. Or seeing positive changes in your body after training/detoxing. Or letting go of things. & making space for fresh, new things. It can take time, patience & reflection. When does it click thatContinue reading “MINDSET – Part 2 – ‘Transition’”

Teamwork (does) Make the Dream Work

There was a time when I thought that Pilates was easy. Until I tried it! – and for years became a huge fan – over 10, in fact – going to hundreds of classes, taught by incredible instructors; some with a professional background in Ballet, some who had left their office jobs to commit toContinue reading “Teamwork (does) Make the Dream Work”

MINDSET – Part 1 – ‘Speakers’

Mindset:  ‘an attitude, disposition or mood’. Well, for years I thought I had the right Mindset – however, looking back, for years I was (on and off) veering on the wrong track; feeling lost – to a certain degree. In March 2016, I decided to prepare to start my own Fitness Business; then in May 2016, something extraordinary happenedContinue reading “MINDSET – Part 1 – ‘Speakers’”