Book Review – ‘Learning How to Leave’ by Michael Padraig Acton

I loved this book on Narcissistic & Toxic Relationships, with guidance on how to remove yourself from them, despite how challenging that may be.

Written in a very personable way, with extracts from Michael’s own experiences, and his clients experiences, I actually found myself looking at my past and existing relationships with people!

Patterns and behaviour were a recurring theme in this book, it was interesting to spot familiar ones to me, on my life journey.

One of my favourite parts was the Author’s top advice for narcissists & co-dependents to ‘learn acceptance’ as a route to gaining personal freedom and joy. If a person can ‘become accepting of your ‘shortcomings’ and of situations that arise, you can take responsibility for them…as a guide to how to respond’.

Definitely one I would read again and refer to, I felt a real connection with this book. x

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