Health in the Home: Online Fitness as the Way Forward?

In March 2020 upon Covid’s grand entrance, I had to reluctantly cancel my gym membership. I’d been an avid gym member for over over 20 years at the time, it was always somewhere I loved visiting, my second home, somewhere to unwind, to tone, to refresh, to release.

Working in Central London meant that as a morning person, I would wake up before sunrise (gathering my exercise gear in my rucksack the night before) and using public transport to make my way to an early morning class, rush to have my home-made breakfast at the vicinity, then ensure I made my way to work (on time). At times I’d attend a weekend fitness session, which meant a 20 minute walk to the gym.

I would feel amazing after every workout, on top of the world. I’ve always said that investing in my membership was one of the best wellbeing decisions I’d ever made.

So when I had this no more, I was a little lost to say the least. How would I exercise? What would happen to my fitness routine? Would I ever return to the gym?

Almost immediately, I gave online fitness a go. I’d never really done online fitness workouts as I was paying for my gym membership so would rather use that.

I used all the free online videos which were fantastic, and I gave a few types of exercise a whirl – Pilates, HIIT, weights, Yoga – lot’s of different types of Yoga – Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha. Now I’m hooked.

My 3 questions were answered (pretty quickly):

‘How would I exercise?’ – very easily, using online videos (there are a huge variety to select from).

‘What would happen to my fitness routine?’ – it would flourish as I scheduled wellbeing classes around MY schedule, my morning routine – less rush, no sports-wear packing, and being able to do this in the luxury of my own home

Then the final question I asked myself over 1 year ago. ‘Would I ever return to the gym?’ – I do miss the social/community aspect, the physical assists from Instructors to help with my technique, the buzz of being in my second home. Yet I’ve really warmed to keeping healthy, virtually. It’s just been so accessible for me. I may subscribe to my membership at some point, yet for now, I’m seeing my current way of keeping active, as the Way Forward. x

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