Wellbeing in the Workplace: Flexible Working – Fridge/Pantry Access

At home, my desk is our homely dining table. I sit on a cosy padded chair. I face our beautiful, simple, vibrant garden. I sit near our fridge & pantry. When it’s hot, I’m barefoot. When it’s cold I wear my beanie hat. Space, comfort, views & food. Lot’s of access to food. A dream come true.

Before March 2020, I used to attend the gym before sunrise, in my trainers, ride a (usually) crammed tube into the office in Central London (my heels were at the office), then a (usually) crammed & slightly more ‘aromatic’ tube back home, making it in time for dinner (unless I was out for the evening), ensuring my bag/gym bag, lunch & snacks were packed for the following morning, with a couple of hours at best, before bedtime.

This was my routine. It was all I knew, & I’d been doing it for many, many years. Second nature. A good life. A rushed, yet good life!

One aspect of Flexible Working is being able to work from home or remotely, partially or fully. I’ve been doing this since March 2020 & although I miss the social aspects of going into an office, I’m loving my set-up. I wonder how this will transpire & evolve as we continue making our way into the New World. Once I return to the office part-time, I’ll have to ensure I have enough snacks with me to compensate for my current fridge/pantry access.

I feel I’ve adapted to a way of life where my wellbeing is even more of a priority than it was before in the sense that I’ve slowed down, I flow downstream more, to continue to allow wellness into my life.

How are you doing going into work or working from home? Has your set-up changed? Do you prefer your new set-up (if you have one?) Has wellbeing become a higher priority for you now? x

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