Wellbeing in the Workplace: ‘Daily Meditation’ as an Applicant’s Requirement

I recently saw a job advert where a company required that the person applying, had skills such as experience using MS Office, being a whizz at Social Media, methodical organisation, the ability to be a proactive team-player – a lot of the usual requests for a buzzy Executive Assistant role. They offered Private Medical Insurance, gym discount, good amount of holiday days as part of their benefits. Then came the one that I had to read over & over…& over. THEY then required that the applicant ‘practiced daily meditation’. Something related to wellness that they recognised in a potential candidate. This shocked me! In all these years it’s not something I’ve seen before. It made me happy.

It also got me thinking:

  • Has Covid increased companies awareness of the importance of wellness?
  • Would wellbeing be a priority as an organisational culture rather than a fashionable phase?
  • Was this a role that was so vibrant/full-on that a person had to meditate in order to be able to flow with it/do well?
  • Is this something that I would see in future job adverts for a variety of roles?

For the past couple of years I’ve focused on including meditation into my Morning Routine – usually consisting of mantras, exercise, creativity; & I love it. Taking time for self-care, to pause, breathe, release thoughts is one of the best times of my day & definitely the best start to my day.

Some of the benefits are clearing your mind, soothing your breath, calming your thoughts – all leading to a joyful life experience.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve seen anything like this in a job advert as it still intrigues me now – enough for me to write about it! I’m also intrigued as to who may have been the successful candidate & if they ever thought their daily practice would be a requisite for their career path x

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