Podcast – with The Bitch Pad – on ‘Tenacity’

On Weds 21st Oct 2020 I featured as a podcast guest with Marie Skilling – IT Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Wellbeing Coach & Author from The Bitch Pad & what an amazing session we had, 38 minutes whizzed by!

The theme was ‘Tenacity’ – to ‘persist in existence’, juggle life, wellbeing & work in a balanced fashion.

It made me realise that there really is a fine balance between fast-paced striving, & flowing with ease. Do we really need to push in order to succeed? Do we feel that doing nothing is a waste of time? An easy, natural flow is best suited to me. My motivation is heightened, inspiration encouraged, & ideas more visible when I’m calm, rather than doing 100 things at once, all at 100 miles per hour, in a frenzy.

Everyone lives in accordance to their own rhythm. For me, being Tenacious is subjective. I listen to my intuition & flow from there. Podcast available at The Bitch Pad – enjoy! x

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