I originally started #NeetasWellnessChallenge on the 1st May 2020, until Sat 30th May 2020, daily at 8am on Instagram Live & 8:30am on FaceBook Live.
I planned on doing this for a month, to promote wellbeing and to boost immunity from the inside-out – mindset to body & soul – during a time where everyone’s routines have potentially changed as they adapt to a new way of living.
Guest Speakers joined me who had wellbeing businesses and it was interesting to hear guests views, and discuss viewers comments and questions on mindset, nutrition, fitness, health, wellness and how these link to our lifestyles when it comes to relationships with others and ourselves, schooling, exercising, work and business.
I linked all themes and challenges to my 4 books my A-Z Self-Help Series based on Mindset, Business, Fitness & Self-Care. To focus on my own wellbeing, I decided to continue with my challenge from June 2020, keeping this to a Monday & Friday only on Instagram Live – 8:30-8:45am UK time.
So far, my challenge has taught me that I love speaking about wellness, and have been blessed to be joined by so many viewers and guests, where laughter is key. I would love you to join too!
I’ve learnt to avoid resisting wellness and instead, embrace it with ease, and would love to hear about what you’ve learnt about wellbeing during this surreal, amazing time x

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