If 6 months ago you told me…

If 6 months ago you told me that in 6 months…

…I would not be allowed to view this scenery (outside) – I’d think ‘calm it!’
I would be in global quarantine – I’d think ‘calm it!’
I would have little physical connection from those closest to me, I’d think ‘calm it!’
I would love someone & this would test our relationship to a high degree, I’d think ‘calm it!’
Our economy status would mean that job security would be up in the air like never before, I’d think ‘calm it!’
Our gyms & fitness studios would be closing, I’d think ‘calm it!’
Toilet roll would potentially have more value than gold, I’d think ‘calm it!’

Now, 6 months later:
I think of that holiday & feel blessed to have been there.
I enjoy time in my lovely space, feel content & appreciate being here.
I make the most of virtual time with loved ones I’m not able to be with & help where I can.
I connect as much as I can with someone I want to cuddle with all day.
I know that this is a time to get creative with business ideas and enhance existing skills.
I love doing amazing online sessions inside, in my time.
I treat toilet roll with more respect than I may have done!
Feeling very thankful for the inspiring NHS; prayers, love & thoughts for those who have passed and those who are doing their best to get better.

In this surreal situation, our priority to our immune system, nervous system & self-love must be Number 1.
This is in order to be our best selves & in order to serve.
Which means doing our best not to promote anxiety & shock our systems into shut-down.

5 things that help me, daily:
– Meditation
– Online Exercise
– Appreciation Mantra
– Vitamins, Supplements, fresh fruit & vegetables
– Deep Breathing

In this surreal situation, where in 6 months so much can change, words such as ‘stay safe’ are part of my vocabulary now.
I have two other words that always come to my mind. ‘Calm it’ x

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