5 Morning Tips to Stay Aligned

First thing in the morning, I always have ‘quiet-time’ – it’s just part of my daily self-care, and works a treat! – sign-up to the inspiring The Style Of Laura Jane – Newsletter – where my 5 Tips are featured.

I feel relaxed, focused, organised, able to juggle and plan, whilst staying aligned and feeling that I’m in control of my actions.

Here are my 5 Tips:

1) Get up and make my bed – fresh, and ready for the day ahead

2) Quickly go through my phone to sort anything ‘urgent’ – & check my finance status

3) Rinse my mouth & eyes – before drinking/eating – to remove any overnight toxins

4) Place a warm cotton pad compress on eyes – whilst I go through my daily mantra in my head – beginning with ‘3-2-1- I’m alive!’

5) Drink my hot lemon – to clear my system – whilst listening to motivational speakers such as Abraham Hicks, and planning exactly what I need to do for the day – I’ll listen to my body – if I want to exercise I will, if I feel I need to heal, I’ll do just that x

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    1. Thank You for blogging in your Newsletter! Loving your blogs, always full of vibrancy, like your pictures! xxxx

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