Mind Your Business

I just want to post about running a Business.

Small, Medium or Large.

– Some days are a tad more challenging than others.

– Some days I wonder why I can’t suddenly remember the names of my closest – as my head is full of 362 things to do.

– Some days I have to check-myself to refrain from sounding like I talk in bullet-points.

– Some days I need to take longer breaths in order to remain sane – (& stay alive!)

– Some days I have to remember why I started.

– Some days I want to have a 24-7 verbal reminder (a hug) from someone, to reassure me that I can do it.

– Some days I just want to Netflix & Chill for a week (in the literal sense); burn my tasklist & video this snippet of joy.

Yet Every Day, I realise that our soul guides us towards what feels right.

& I just want to say, that whatever makes you feel like you’re having fun & time flies when you’re doing it…do that.

– Is it easy? – not always.

– Do you have to naturally up-your-kindness & avoid expectation – without a doubt.

– Will you make mistakes & learn from them? – daily.

– Do you need to balance work with your personal life – you do your best.

– Is it possible – 100%.

– Is it a blessing to go down this path? – all day, Every Day.

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