Call the Shots

Alcohol. Dancing. Alcohol and Dancing.
This was my favourite combination back in the day. I would just get into the ‘Zone’ and go for it on the dance floor.
Was I completely happy?
Well, at that present moment, I was carefree, music blaring, and with friends; having a fantastic time; no commitments other than buying the next round; being ‘Fun’.
So yes, I was ‘happy’.
However, as time moved on, I started to feel like I was on a comedown after drinking – feeling The Bad News Blues coming my way. Not so Fun. Pretty depressing, actually. I also didn’t really know who I was in general; not really; and it took years of ‘experiences’ and dealing with issues to get to my content place.
So, I quit alcohol in 2012, and haven’t had any since!
I’d quit a few times in my life – taken a healthy break – sometimes for a few months; and then gone back to it. Whilst alcohol-free, I’d be in bars not really knowing how to express myself being sober, because in a way, that’s what dancing is, isn’t it? Expressing Yourself, and as you express yourself, you feel vibrant; alive.
Until as time went on, I just forced myself to get up; and just breathe, laugh and dance. Sometimes I just couldn’t do  it – so I’m truly sorry to those who had to be around me at that time! – there was too much going on in my head; and I’d talk myself out of just shaking-it (physically and mentally) and living in that moment. However, these days I always do it no matter what – going wild with a glass of water, Orange Juice, or my one of my favourites at the moment – Elderflower, Lime & Tonic – and it will be this way, now and forever.
So, 4 things I’ve learnt:
  1. Just get up – as quickly as you can – in fact, be the first one to get your groove on
  2. Let your creativity flow – release those stagnant blockages and feel that lively energy
  3. ALWAYS get your coat from the cloakroom at least 30 minutes before the bar/club is going to shut
  4. YOU Call the Shots x

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