Fitness with me & Laura – a Model, Writer & MUA

Laura is a talented Model, Writer & Make-Up Artist, and is always inspiring me. I am privileged to be answering questions with her, regarding our healthy lifestyles.
How did we both get to meet?
Laura: “I cannot remember the first time that I stumbled upon Neeta’s Instagram, but I remember thinking that she was amazing at yoga”.
Neeta: “Virtually! – Laura gave me a lovely comment on Instagram, Autumn 2016, and then we kept liking and commenting on each others posts from there. Hopefully we can meet soon – as we both LOVE eating, red lipstick, fitness……and libraries!”
What do you find you like best about each other?
Laura: “I really admire Neeta’s story. She has overhauled her life and has changed her career to follow her passions. Her determination and desire to go for what she wants, makes me want to push for my dreams as well. As a person, she comes across as genuine and sweet. Really, I would call her a friend”.
Neeta: ” I love Laura’s business woman vibe – she’s a Model, Writer, and Makeup Artist. She draws me in with her posts – especially the ones involving her poetry. There’s always a positive message and they always involve Health & Fitness – physical, mental or spiritual”.

When did you first make health and fitness a priority?
Laura: “For those that have read my previous posts, you are most-likely aware of my dieting battles. I think it was after I came back from my holiday in Miami, that I gained loads of weight and felt really bad about myself. Eventually, something snapped and I quit dieting and researched nutrition. I learnt how to cook and made very slow adaptations. It took a year to see the physical change that I wanted.”
Neeta: “When I was 22 – by joining a Gym. Although I was still partying! More recently I’ve taken it to another level by incorporating the mental aspects too, and trying to have a more focused Mindset”.
What’s your not-so-clean weakness?
Laura: “I have a huge sweet tooth – cookies, chocolate and ice-cream. I also love breakfast foods – pancakes, waffles, french toast etc – luckily there are healthy ways to make these!”
Neeta: “Jam & Cream Scones – I can eat a LOT of these. A LOT”.