Breath of Fresh Air – Life’s a Beach

Now, I’m all for chilling in the sun. With the help of a comfy sun lounger, salivating menu, smoothie, sun factor, shade (when I need it), and scorching tunes. Got to have my music.
Yet, there’s just something about exercising on a beach. Nothing like it!
Maybe it’s the beautiful heat; the calming energy of the sea, the refreshing waves, vibrant palm trees, and soft sand, that make me feel so good.
Overall, working-out, outdoors – whether it’s a slow stroll, or hectic bit of HIIT:
– Keeps us feeling loved-up and zen-like; clarifying the mind
– If hot, boosts some Vitamin D towards our teeth and bones to keep them strong
 On uneven surfaces – like sand, grass, cobbles and mud helps to ping our power, concentration and balance
The Gym and Studios are like second-homes to me, however, it’s the sensation of getting close to Nature, and the revitalising fresh-air that always draws me in – or should I say; out. x

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