Resting: An Essential Part of Training – Part 2 – ‘When’s Savasana?’


It’s been a physically, mentally and emotionally hectic, yet fantastic few months.

– I left my full-time job in December 2016

– I qualified as a Personal Trainer in March 2017

– I qualified as a Pilates Instructor in May 2017

– My iPhone has become my office!

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing are one of the main passions in my life, and have been for many, many years.

I always turn to H, F & W when I need to get my head, (& life!) together.

It always works – always.

Yet at times, it’s knowing when to completely stop training, and chill (sometimes with a cheeky Pizza).

Just chill. Just heal. Just re-sync.

Your body is such an amazing machine – I think it can only take so much, until it let’s you know that you need to retract immediately, to achieve and maintain balance – and stay grounded.

Savasana – Corpse Pose – in Yoga – is the perfect way to instantly heal and refresh yourself.

So the question is, ‘When’s Savasana?’

Savasana is now. Right now. Tonight. All night.

I’ll constantly have this question in my head, and will constantly remember that my body is The Boss x

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5 thoughts on “Resting: An Essential Part of Training – Part 2 – ‘When’s Savasana?’

  1. It’s a huge move to quit your job and train in a new one. I think it’s amazing and you always inspire me. It feels like this is the job you are suppose to be doing. X

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