Events/Seminars – ‘Elevate 2017 – Irresistible Data’

Deep in the heart of London Docklands – at ExCel, May 2017, the Elevate Event was held.
There were a variety of interesting exhibitors, which included fitness recruiters, portals, agencies and exercise innovations.
There were also a variety of interesting seminars, one of them in particular – ‘Improving the health of the working population through physical activity‘ was full of information, and kept me engaged throughout.
Other than Health & Fitness, both exhibitors and seminars seemed to have one thing in common.
Data was a huge part; involved and present in practically everything I saw, and every conversation I had; whether it be for fitness professional profiles and bookings, fitness tracking, even to the amount of walking we, as a Nation are doing on a yearly basis.
Technology has definitely come a long, long way – especially with regards to the Health & Fitness industry – and it’s great to be able to quickly and easily access all this information – via our watches/phones.
It’s also great, and just as quick and easy to be able to Switch-Off – literally – as we take some time-out to replenish our bodies and minds as we exercise.
Yet is it that easy? Or is data just too irresistible and keeping us Switched-On? x


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