‘Loving Your Work’

How do you explain the feeling of loving what you do?

The Jumping-Out-of-Bed action, everyday, and having a true purpose.

The hours of solid, enjoyable graft, whizzing by in a flash.

The constant questioning (to yourself) if this is actual ‘work’.

The realisation, that in some small way, you’re giving back, somehow.

I remember knowing, that 6 months ago, I would be going through a journey; some sort of transition, as I began to prepare to work for myself. Yet little did I know how much I would learn, and constantly learn; how many amazing people I would meet – many who were also creating their own business; how much more time I would have to be me; and how free I would feel.

How DO you explain the feeling of loving what you do?

The mesmerising colours of a sunset – realigning your balance by keeping you tranquil, yet full of vibrant energy, perhaps?

Yes, I think that’s my explanation, right there. x

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