Fear – Part 1 – ‘Headstands & Handstands…& Burpees’

I’m only joking about the Burpees.

Yet there was a time when any mention of the ‘B’ word would make me wince.

Ever since a Yoga Instructor (rightly) told me and the rest of the Yoga class that ‘doing Headstands and Handstands could damage/break your neck’, I’ve always been a bit cautious of them.

That is until a few months ago, when I decided to work with my mind to start conquering and enjoying them!

Some of the benefits of these poses include reducing stress, improving focus, and encouraging blood flow to your eyes.

So I’m starting against a wall; in time will progress to moving slightly away from the wall; and when my body is ready – into a full headstand/handstand.

One day, I may even flow from Crow Pose (picture above) straight into a Handstand – that is the aim.

Any advice would  be welcome!

Do you have a fear of any Fitness poses/exercises? Have you started to conquer and enjoy them too? x

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