Teamwork (does) Make the Dream Work

There was a time when I thought that Pilates was easy. Until I tried it! – and for years became a huge fan – over 10, in fact – going to hundreds of classes, taught by incredible instructors; some with a professional background in Ballet, some who had left their office jobs to commit to their passion.

Yet, only since I’ve been studying to become a Pilates Instructor myself have I realised how much I have to learn, as well as the reinforcement of the strong connection between Body & Mind.

I thought this only applied to Yoga, however I think this actually applies to every single type of fitness method – whether it be Weight Lifting, Tai Chi, Dance, Running, Swimming, Walking, Cycling or Aerobics.

It was Joseph Pilates himself who said:

‘The mind when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power’

For me, the body also shares that power with a healthy mind; especially when you have an active, vibrant, balanced lifestyle.

Once you make that Mind & Body connection – where the Mind is encouraged by the body feeling fitter, fresher; and Body is inspired by the Mind feeling clearer, calmer; they both seem to work as a motivated, unstoppable team.

I guess it’s true to say that ‘Teamwork (does) Make the Dream Work’. x

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