Resting: An Essential Part of Training – Part 1 – ‘Body is the Boss’

I do believe that resting is an essential part of any training routine.
Whether it be Weight Lifting, Yoga, HIIT, Cardio, Pilates, Walking; it’s so important to allow your body and mind to recover (properly) from exercise during the week.
In the past, I thought that resting was backtracking my progress, only to find that it amazingly contributes to restoration; cleverly healing the tiny micro-tears in your muscles, and encouraging your mind to absorb all the valuable information from your session.
These days, I allow at least 1-2 days of rest/no exercise – and listen to exactly what my body is telling me to do – or not to do.
At times this will involve indulging in (hot, succulent, fresh) pizza.
Well, I guess my body is The Boss after all! x

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